Does your pet have a health problem that is not responding well to conventional treatment?

Susan Scott has specialised in treating animals for the past 30 years. She combines herbal medicine and homeopathy with diet and nutrition to achieve results that have astounded veterinarians and pet owners.

Susan has appeared on television on 4 occasions:

  • Good Morning Australia in 1994
  • Talk to the Animals (Dr. Harry Cooper) in 1997
  • Pets Behaving Badly in 2000
  • Creature Features in 2003

Susan treats a wide range of animals, from mice, goldfish and guinea pigs, to birds, alpacas and horses, and of course, man's faithful friends, dogs and cats.

Older animals definitely benefit from Susan's treatments. If you have an animal that is suffering from a degenerative disorder or if you have a new pet and want correct advice regarding their diet. Prevention is always better than cure!


Susan Scott


Susan Scott

‘Yo Yo’ was a distressed cat with a severe skin problem, causing baldness and weeping skin and was close to death. This transition was accomplished in only 3 months.